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 Let's get something straight. You are the author. It is your book, play or whatever. We can make some suggestions on how to improve it, but we can't and don't want to write it for you. Just imagine how much time that would take and when it was done, who would be the real author. If and when you are satisfied with it, then show it to us. 

     Some people say that there's never been a book published without typo's or grammatical errors. That may be, but proofing is one of the most important functions in the publishing process. We take pride in the finished product, all the while recognizing that spelling may differ from place to place and some rules of grammar create stilted prose. 

PUBLISHING: print, digital & audio

 We really like print books and we can do picture books too! They are precious and are cared for. We do presentation and design of interiors and covers as well. We can arrange for any size print run from our local and foreign printers.

     Of course today, publishing  paperbacks, hardbacks and picture books has become a luxury, especially in a tough economic climate. Indeed, some parts of the world have embraced e_books more than others. So digital publishing is becoming pervasive we believe that there is a place for both. 

AND we do setup AUDIO BOOKS as well. It's a growing market.


There are a wide range of distribution networks, including  through Amazon, GoogleBooks, Smashwords, Draft2Digitial, for  digital, audio and print books.  Some of these distributors also do retailing not only through their own outlets but also as well as distributing direct through up to dozens of different retail outets throughout the world through a wide range of print, digital and audio retailers such as Apple Books, to Barns & Noble, Kobo, Nook, Playster, Baker & Taylor and Tolino, 

     We aim to maximize distribution and retailer outlets to facilitate sales.

     We distribute Audiobooks either through Author Republic or Findaway Voices.

MORE OF What We Do


There is no doubt today that distribution and marketing are extremely important. The reality is that marketing is primarily the responsibility of the author. Success and sales are a question of name-recognition and following. We can help and offer various options. 

    If an author wants to do this themselves, we can provide advice and encouragement based on considerable experience and research into marketing options, from web-based to personal book-signings and readings. We can also provide pre-release and other marketing campaigns though various sources at a range of prices from the very small to a larger budget.


We recognize that retailers often take more than half of the revenues generated by book sales,(especially when they offer discounts) and this is particularly the case with print books, where the additional print costs have to be met even before any return on sales is obtained. This often leaves not a great deal of revenue to divide between the publisher and the author in accordance with their own Publication Agreement.

     This is why we also offer purchases the possibility of buying direct through us and in this case take a maximum commission of 25% on the sale, much less than any other retailer.


We are a small but growing family Publishing House and obviously it is in our interests as well as the interests of our Authors and Clients that the best product be achieved and  maximum sales are made. 

     In this respect, we are always ready to provide advice and counselling, not just in the editing and setup stages of publication but also in the marketing and retailing contexts. You interests are our interests.

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HPEditions ABN  14 167 696 602 is an Australian family Publishing House based in Queensland, on the Gold Coast. It is owned and operated by HPEditions Pty Ltd ACN 167 696 602 as Trustee for THE HPTrust

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Got a great manuscript ready to go?  Or maybe you need help with setup, editing, proofing,  digital, print, audio production.

We offer all levels of publishing agreements from traditional, hybrid to corporate and vanity with options for different royalty ratios and contributions 

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